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  • Business Policy is intended to be a challenging and exciting capstone course. It is first and foremost a course about “strategy” and about “managing for success.” This course centers around the theme that a company achieves sustained success if and only if its managers (1) have an astute, timely strategic game plan for running the company, and (2) implement and execute the plan with proficiency. We shall stress how and why a well-conceived, well-executed strategy nearly always enhances a company’s long-term performance.

  • The objectives for this course can be divided into two areas: knowledge base and skills application. The student must have some basic knowledge of the factors that influence the organizational design process. However, knowledge of these factors alone does not mean that the adult learner understands how such knowledge can be translated into building effective and efficient organizations. The basic objective of this course is to blend the academic and the practical; this course stresses both development of theoretical concepts and meaningful tools for managing organizations.

  • Why study Marketing? If your organization fails at attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, your company will no longer exist. Furthermore, everyone’s in marketing. You sell yourself and your skills daily. You may have to justify your unit’s existence to a new CEO or Executive Director. You represent your firm, for better or worse. Your attitude and those of your co-workers convey a message to customers and determine whether they use your product or service.

    Today, giant multinational firms and small boutiques, profit-oriented and not-for-profit—have entered and experienced new marketing frontiers. Advances in communications technology allow them to supply information to consumers faster and through more media channels than ever before, including broadcast media, print, telecommunications, online computer services, and the Internet. Today’s companies offer consumers more product choices and more places to buy, from shopping malls, mail-order catalogs, and television home shopping channels to virtual stores accessed through online services.

  • The purpose of this course is both to provide adult learners with foundationalknowledge of the human resource management functions and to explorecontemporary issues in the field. It is recommended that students havecompleted a basic management course prior to enrolling in this course.

  • Business law affects everyone – it is the one aspect of law that people deal with on a daily basis. This course provides the student with a readily understandable explanation of business and general law topics that are practical and useful. This course is action-oriented setting students up to critically review situations, know legal terminology, and develop skill in extrapolating and presenting pertinent facts. Through the study of business law, students become legally literate: more informed about what laws are “on the books,” how these laws affect their lives, what their legal rights and responsibilities are, and how legal disputes in which they become involved can be resolved.

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